NIW considers itself a leader in the Coded Welding Industry in Namibia. The institute is a 100% Namibian owned, pioneering in modelling, simulation and training for Coded Welders. NIW continues to offer Coded Welder Training and related services to the companies and/or employees in the mining, manufacturing, transport and logistics industry as well as individual students in Namibia since 2012.

The Namibian Institute of Welding set up shop in Swakopmund that is perfectly situated on-route to Walvis Bay where Namport (Namibia’s biggest harbour) is operating from. The town is also surrounded by uranium mines, increased mining activities, manufacturing and transport and logistics where an immediate demand for these specialised skilled trades exists.

Entry to our Coded Welding courses are open to almost any prospective student with a desire to learn how to weld. Consent of parents are required for students that wish to enrol but are younger than eighteen (18).

Physical requirements are set according to ASME IX and actual work environments including but not limited to standing/crouching for long periods of time, bending, grasping, good eyesight and be in good health.

Students must be able to understand and speak English.

Over of our Learning Methodology for “Welders Ready-to-go-Solo”

Namibian Institute of Welding’s’ blended work-integrated-learning methodology evolved as a result of the extensive experience gained and research, through the years of varying welding complexities, welding positions and types of material exposed to in order to achieve the quality of welded products or services.

Time is spent with or in industry to ensure that our teams are continuously abreast of the latest technologies and changes within the art of welding itself. We use current technology available in the market that can be afforded, in-field projects/work (where possible), possible welding manufactured or fabricated products (where possible) in a user-friendly environment (complying to welding fabrication, educator and manufacturing safety and health international standards).

The learning environment created and implemented, as a result of our learning methodology, allows for our Welder Educators to have full control over the blended work-integrated-learning approaches, simulations and the ability to report critical information, such as violations, hazards, innovations and changes in environment; continued work performance qualification recording (continued professional development) and continued focus on the quality of coded welder output.

This methodology has been tested and proven to deliver the desired product, “Ready to go Solo” Coded welders, and “Quality in the Weld”.

Why Choose Us

NIW believes that the Coded Welder training solution for plate and pipe welding will provide prospective learners with a competitively priced training solution that exceeds the immediate core objectives of the different sector demands which are:

  • Improved safety of Coded Welders in the operating environments (industrial, mining, manufacturing, transport and logistics)
  • Decreased time for new “Specialised” Coded Welders to become productive
  • Adherence of training to International Standard Qualifications for Welders and work environment standard operating procedures
  • Durability and quality in the case of welded products and service as quality must be built in during welding.
  • Increased productivity from equipment assets.