Coded Welding on Stainless Steel Pipe 316L 6G

Process ER 316L: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding on Stainless Steel 316L

This course has been designed to instruct learners in safety, Tungsten Inert Gas Welding process (GTAW-TIG) on stainless steel pipe (316L) to meet international welding standards. To take individuals who are already competent in GTAW process on pipe and training them to be able to practice this application on (316L) Stainless Steel Pipe

Duration of training:

The recommended periods of time 200 instructional hours that represents the average time required to gain the expected skills. The time needed may vary according to the capability of the student.
This Guideline applies mainly to stainless steel pipe welded with filler wire ER 316L.

Learners will be able to:

Select equipment and perform adjustments to power sources.
Perform safe welding according to the (p)WPS (or welding instruction)
Select material
Prepare two pieces of stainless-steel pipe according to the approved procedure
Assemble and tack the joint
Close test or weld piece for purging
Take the necessary precautions to avoid distortion prior to, during and after welding.
Follow the welding symbols and the (p)WPS (related to the proposed weld).
Select the appropriate type of consumable and the desired size according to the (p)WPS (or welding instruction).
Where appropriate, perform simple visual and destructive tests on the welds made.