Founding of the Namibian Institute of Welding

The Namibian Institute of Welding is a start-up welding school from humble beginnings which was registered with the Ministry of Trade and Industry in April 2012 by the late Theodore Junius, the Managing Director.

“Ready-to-go-Solo” competent coded Welders was the vision of Theodore borne out of the realisation that Namibians are capable and willing if opportunities or the means is provided. The birth and existence of the Namibian Institute of Welding is driven by the level of competence possessed by welder educators, the art of welding accomplished and exposure to the international welding industry that gives us the confidence of learning and development transferred to fellow Namibians. Therefore, in working with its customers, the Namibian Institute of Welding leverages its leading-edge technologies, networks, services, and training capabilities to ultimately increase their workforce’s availability, performance, and safety.

The legacy left by Mr Theodore Junius is continued by the teams empowered throughout the existence of the Namibian Institute of Welding under the leadership of Elaine Junius.

Why Choose Us

NIW believes that the Coded Welder training solution for plate and pipe welding will provide prospective learners with a competitively priced training solution that exceeds the immediate core objectives of the different sector demands which are:

  • Improved safety of Coded Welders in the operating environments (industrial, mining, manufacturing, transport and logistics)
  • Decreased time for new “Specialised” Coded Welders to become productive
  • Adherence of training to International Standard Qualifications for Welders and work environment standard operating procedures
  • Durability and quality in the case of welded products and service as quality must be built in during welding.
  • Increased productivity from equipment assets.

In What Could I Be ... "Ready To Go Solo"

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

Combination: Gas-Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)